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right relationships

Pilgrimage & Social Justice

Read my reflection on pilgrimage as a social justice practice. Share your virtual social justice pilgrimage ideas on our fb page. And here’s a prayer for the journey.

Positively Poetry Day

All day I’ve had ‘Positively Fourth Street’ playing in my head – in two versions! It has something to say to us in this Lenten season, and is quite appropriate for International Poetry Day. Bob Dylan’s original is an angry cry of pain about false friendship. He sings what we have all felt. It can be crushing to realize those who we thought were our friends just wanted ‘to be on the side that is winning’ – that we were actually just assets, allies or tools to them, or perhaps even just toys or fashion accessories. We feel foolish as… Read More »Positively Poetry Day

Vale Blazie Dog

I have held my grief privately.  It is a disturbing, embarrassing, unseemly grief.  One which feels inappropriate in my current context.  And yet it is so. I’m heartbroken that my little dog has passed on and I wasn’t able to be there with him and my husband.  Blaze had cancer and had reached a point where he was in significant pain. It was time for us to let him go. But I was unable to make that last trip to the vet with Blaze and Geoff because I am in Kuala Lumpur. Blaze ate more regularly than many of the people served… Read More »Vale Blazie Dog