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human dignity

William Morris & Human Dignity

In this reflection for the April 2015 CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter, Sandie Cornish ponders the effect of William Morris’ criteria for retaining household objects. “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris, designer, poet, novelist and activist.

Happy International Women’s Day!

 In a world marked by on-going gender discrimination, today we hold up the dignity, rights and achievements of women.  In Australia we have largely achieved formal equality before the law, so it is tempting to think the struggle for equality has been won.  However the structures, processes and institutions of our society continue to under value women and girls and treat us less favourably than men and boys.  Everyone is demeaned by this.  As part of the preparation for the meeting on trafficking that I attended in Kuala Lumpur I had to answer a number of questions about the situation of… Read More »Happy International Women’s Day!

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Sunday

If Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Sunday didn’t get a mention at your church this weekend, try using some of the liturgy material from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council in your personal prayer throughout NAIDOC Week.

Bishop Saunders Questions Complusory Income Management

In this media release, Bishop Christopher Saunders, Chair of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, questions the broadening of the application of compulsory income management. His arguments highlight the impact of these measures on the dignity of welfare recipients, and point to the need to apply the principle of subsidiarity. ACSJC Media Release 15 June 2010