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asylum seekers & refugees

Migrant & Refugee Sunday

I was happy to be invited by the Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office to contribute a reflection to the Migrant & Refugee Sunday kit for 2014.  It contains lots of other great resources that you can use personally or in a group. Did you know that the Catholic Church has been observing the World Day of Migrant and Refugees for 100 years? Find out more here.

Joe Grech Memorial Colloquium

I feel very honoured to have been invited to chair the 3rd annual Joe Grech Memorial Colloquium on Ethics & Migration in Melbourne on 22 August.  Bishop Joe was a great friend of people on the move, especially those who are forcibly displaced. Details are available from the Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office.

Christmas Island & Advent

Each day my commute begins with a trip on the Manly ferry. It’s a great way to start the day – coffee, reflection, and a chance to contemplate one of the world’s great harbours.  Tourists who travel for pleasure love only the blue sky, sunny, calm water days, but seasoned ferry commuters learn to love the more subtlle, less flashy moods of the harbor.  The Emerald City can be wearer-of-the-black serious. The quiet introspection of drizzly grey days on the harbor have their place in the ryhthmn of our lives. So too the wild days and slightly perverse delight in picking… Read More »Christmas Island & Advent