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My Writings


My Writings

Sandie writes for both popular and academic audiences, and is passionate about sharing the Catholic Social Teaching tradition in simple language. She blogs at  These are some of her academic writings:

Cornish, Sandie. “The Habitus, Reflexivity and an Ignatian Spirituality that Does Justice’ in Robert Dixon and Mary Eastham eds., Encountering God: Practical Theology and the Mission to Heal, Coventry Press, Bayswater VIC, 2023, 129-150.

Cornish, Sandie. “Synodality and Local Social Teaching.” The Australasian Catholic Record 99, no. 1 (2022): 76–85.

Cornish, Sandie. “Beyond Principles Alone” in Greg Craven, Shadow of the Cross: Catholic Social Teaching and Australian Politics, The Kapunda Press, Redland Bay, QLD, 2021, 81-98.

Cornish, Sandie and Andrea Dean. eds. Still Listening to the Spirit: Woman and Man Twenty Years Later. Office for Social Justice, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Sydney, 2019.

Cornish, Sandie. “Governing in an Ignatian Spirit Today”, Promotio Iustitiae, No 125, March 2018. 22-26.

Cornish, Sandie. Catholic Social Teaching: An Introduction for CatholicCare Staff, 2nd ed.,
CatholicCare Sydney, Sydney, 2016.

Cornish, Sandie. “Laudato Si’:Making the Connections”, Asian Horizons, Vol 9, no 4, December 2015, 609 -620.

Cornish, Sandie. “People on the Move and Catholic Social Teaching”, Asian Horizons, Vol 8, no 4, December 2014, 810 – 822.

Cornish, Sandie. “Introduction”, in Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Building Bridges: Social Justice Statements from Australia’s Catholic Bishops 1988 – 2013, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Alexandria, 2014.

Cornish, Sandie. “The Social Dimension of Evangelisation”, in Danielle Achikian et al eds. The Francis Effect: Living the Joy of the Gospel, Catholic Mission & Catholic Religious Australia, North Sydney, 2013.

Duncan, Bruce & Sandie Cornish. “The Council’s Call to Renewed Social Engagement”, in Neil Ormerod et al eds. Vatican II: Reception and Implementation in the Australian Church. Mulgrave: Garratt Publishing , 2012.

McKeown, A., Mitchell, K., & Cornish, S., ”Switching on the Possibilities of ICT Use in Alternative Education Programs: A Literature Review”, Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth & Family Services, 2012.

Cornish, Sandie. “Introducing Caritas in Veritate”, in Neil Ormerod & Paul Oslington, ed. Globalisation and the Church, Strathfield, St Paul’s, 2011.

Cornish, S., & Freeman, D., “Connecting Catholic Social Teaching to Contemporary Australia”, in Daniel McDonald (ed), Catholic Social Teaching in Global Perspective, Gregorian University Studies in Catholic Social Teaching, New York: Orbis, 2010.

Cornish, Sandie. “Placing Integral Human Development at the Centre of Catholic Social Teaching.” The Australasian Catholic Record 86, no. 4 (2009): 450 – 56.

Scroope, Martin, and Sandie Cornish, eds. Ignatian Spirituality for Today: Key Readings for Busy People. 4th ed. North Sydney: The Loyola Institute, 2008.

Cornish, Sandie. “The Call to Hospitality: Catholic Teaching on Refugees.” Catholic Social Justice Series 44 (2002).

Cornish, Sandie. “Refugees and Catholic Social Teaching.” Compass 36, no. 1 (2002).

Cornish, Sandie, and Michael Curtotti. “A Fair Go: A Community Kit for Action Against Racism.” Sydney: National NGO Coalition Against Racism, 2002.

Macdonald, Marie, Peter Carpenter, Sandie Cornish, Michael Costigan, Robert Dixon, Margaret Malone, Kevin Manning, and Sonia Wagner. Woman and Man One in Christ Jesus. Sydney: Harper Collins, 1999.

Cornish, Sandie. “Working for Social Justice in the 1990s and into the Next Millennium.” In Developing an Australian Theology, edited by Peter Malone. Homebush: St Pauls, 1999.

Cornish, Sandie, ed. Always the Same Spirit: Indigenous Peoples in the Teaching of the Church. Homebush: St Pauls, 1996.

Cornish, Sandie. “The Catholic Human Rights Tradition and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.” Catholic Social Justice Series 21 (1994). Available online

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  1. Christopher Wildman

    Just looked at your presentation “Introducing the pastoral spiral” as a search result while preparing an oral assignment on theological reflection. I wanted to thank you for your clear presentation and hope you won’t object to my using some of the questions you include to clarify what each stage of the cycle means?

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