Tweet Others as You Wish to be Tweeted

I’m happy to have been interviewed by the wonderful Beth Doherty about two chapters of her book Tweet Others as You Wish to be Tweeted. We talked about using social media for social justice action, and being yourself online.

You can listen to the whole series of podcasts here.

Women’s Participation in the Church

Title slide: My Priorities for Women's Participation in the ChurchI was pleased to be invited by the Canberra Goulburn Archdiocesan Commission for Women to reflect with them on progress in the participation of women in the Catholic Church in Australia. After five years of research, the report Woman and Man: One in Christ Jesus was published in 1999. I was a member of the Research Management Group and a co-author of the report.

There has been progress since the research was published, but much more is needed to promote the equal dignity of women and men within the Church and in society. Watch these presentations and let me know what you thinkā€¦