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Accountability for Deaths in Custody

At last it seems there may be some accountability concerning the tragically avoidable death of Mr Ward.  Report: Visit the blog of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Council for Indigenous perspectives on this, and other issues.

Christmas Island & Advent

Each day my commute begins with a trip on the Manly ferry. It’s a great way to start the day – coffee, reflection, and a chance to contemplate one of the world’s great harbours.  Tourists who travel for pleasure love only the blue sky, sunny, calm water days, but seasoned ferry commuters learn to love the more subtlle, less flashy moods of the harbor.  The Emerald City can be wearer-of-the-black serious. The quiet introspection of drizzly grey days on the harbor have their place in the ryhthmn of our lives. So too the wild days and slightly perverse delight in picking… Read More »Christmas Island & Advent

Chilean Miners Rise Together

My husband –  a hard Yorkshireman – is in tears as each miner emerges, and my journalist friend who covered the liberation struggle in South Africa wrote this remarkable article. The story is still unfolding. I am reminded of Leonard Cohen’s lyric – it’s a cold and a broken hallelujah.

Bishop Saunders Questions Complusory Income Management

In this media release, Bishop Christopher Saunders, Chair of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, questions the broadening of the application of compulsory income management. His arguments highlight the impact of these measures on the dignity of welfare recipients, and point to the need to apply the principle of subsidiarity. ACSJC Media Release 15 June 2010